Mad Max: A Biking Group

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My life in the biking community started with Jahir bhai, he always motivated me & supported me to do long distance tour with my Hero Honda Glamour. In the early days of 2013-2015 in almost all of the tour I had him as a partner & big brother. Our motive was always to avoid the motorcycle community as from a tour in Sreemongol we learned our lesson but then a certain Mad Max poped up in front of my eyes.

Mad Max at Sreemongol

In 2014 when I was testing Lifan KP150 I came to know few KP owners, Ashif Ahmed & Asiful Haque Asif. Often we used to hangout and talk about bikes. Then I met one of the most epic person of my life, Abu Talha! Back then we all 4 used to ride KP150, so we used to chat and hangout at Hatirjheel or Howdy a lot. We talked about the bikes and mostly we used to discuss of how our bikes had some sparesĀ  common to Hero Hunk & Honda Unicorn.

Although I knew Rizwan Ahmed fromĀ  2013 but it wasn’t until in 2015 we became very close mates when he bought Lifan KPR150. It turns out everyone of us where someway connected to Lifan but not Sazzadur Rahman Sajib.

Jahir Riding R15 V2

He was a neighbor and once while going to my old office we came to know about each other in traffic jam. I remember he often used to give me treat at cart foods. In the days of 2015 we used to hangout a lot in the evening after our offices at either 300 feet or hatirjheel. Talha thought it was a good idea to pick a name of our group & hence came the name MADMAX.

Yes he stole the name from the movie itself but I think he made this perfect for many reasons. In our life leading from 2014 -2018 we roam together in few but some great tours. The 2015 Hill tracks tour stands out for me for big time.

Mad Max T Shirt

Many things we had common between us, when Jahir bhai shifted from his FZS to Yamaha M Slaz, the rest 5 too shifted to sports bike within 6 months. Even though we POKE each other a lot about many things but when we used to see a prey we always used to hunt it down.

The ride for me, Talha & Sazzad from 300 feet to home on every other occasion was something special. Two of us used to go home, one of us, well that’s a different story altogether. Over the years many people POKED us, tried to break the bonding among the 5 of us but so far were unsuccessful.

Near Boga Lake

Since Talha left for China in 2017 we don’t hangout together quiet often as most of us got busy with our professional life but whenever we get the chance to march up we always try to relief the good times we had in our hay days. Yes there is Tahmid Hassan & his funny acts but as we know that he don’t ride a bike fast as it will wear & tear his bike.

Mad Max

My life without Mad Max would have been like eating a burger without ketchup, there is nothing wrong about it but it wouldn’t feel right. Am thankful that I met you guys, may be little but I enjoyed every single kilometer of my ride with Mad Max.


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