2024 Dhaka Bike Show: Worst Bike Show Ever

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2024 Dhaka Bike Show which happened between May 23 – 25, 2024 was the WORST BIKE SHOW ever. Here are the reasons

  1. There were no bike companies / brands who represented their bikes given we have higher cc permission in Bangladesh
  2. The Venue was very far away where they hold Trade Fair.
  3. Lack of air conditions in the event.
  4. Washroom weren’t clean & the whole place wasn’t that clean either compare to ICCB
  5. ICCB set up a standard which the new venue failed to carry
  6. The bike show mostly had spare parts stalls & were filled with useless electric 2-3-4 wheeler.
  7. Not even Helmet brands came in the show.
  8. The food court had some tasty menu but were very expensive.

I was very bored in the whole event.

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