350 cc Motorcycles in Bangladesh

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After years of speculations we are finally getting 350cc motorcycles in Bangladesh. It has been a long time coming, a barrier which we had to face for best part of 2 decades. Hoping from next year we will get 350cc motorcycles in Bangladesh

Hearing the news that the motorcycles will only get permission in Bangladesh for bikes over 350cc when the bikes will be manufacturing in Bangladesh, which is good for the economy, as it will help grow the local industry.

My understanding Bajaj, Suzuki will be first movers in this case, while brands like Royal Enfield, Honda, Yamaha, TVS, Hero, Kawasaki & Lifan will be following after.

Some news brands will enter/reenter into the business, Benelli, Kove, Royal Enfield, Haojue (am praying).

For my choice I might have a 250-350 cc bike in my garage followed by a 125 cc commuter or may be a scooter to move around in the Dhaka city traffic.

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