Worst Bikes In Bangladesh

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Lets get straight on to it, its raining for the past 3 days, nothing to do expect for to make a list of worst bikes I have TESTED in my life. Here are the worst 2 Bikes I have RODE in my life for at least 1000 km

These two bikes felt like people who have never build a bike before designed one for the people who have never drove one before.

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I rode this bike back in 2015. Yes it is a Chinese brand & it was descend looking. The air cooling engine gave up good amount of power of that time which returned a top speed of 120 kmph & add to that you can only get a mileage of 32 kmpl. The bike had raw acceleration & there is where it all stops!

Engine quality wasn’t good, there were issues with the ball racer, rear tyre fender was hopeless, the plastic around the lights weren’t fitted properly so water used to get in the, stiff suspensions, engine vibrations & on top of everything I never felt the engine would have been reliable.

Although the bike’s seat was comfortable & used to have MP3 player but the rest of it wasn’t good.

FKM Streetfighter

Yes the bike was mostly inspired from Kawasaki Z series but honestly it did looked cool. The headlight was very powerful & the overall colour quality was good too, even better then Lifan in those days.

I have to admit the braking & cornering ability of the bike was fantastic but then! the engine wasn’t reliable, the wiring was a mess & riding this bike in extreme rain gave great headache, rear suspension was horrible & even there were reports that many engines got burned out even before they touched 10,000 km. In those days the bike was priced just lower to Lifan KPR so goes to show the mess it had. & the name, it isn’t a streetfighter at all.

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