Car Reviews by Wasif Anowar

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Although I have been doing motorcycle reviews for best part of 9 years its the first time I have done a review on cars.

When I was young I took inspiration from Top Gear which had Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond & James May. Later they moved to Grand Tour. I wanted to do reviews of cars when I was young but later by a stroke of luck I started to do reviews of motorcycles. Over the years I really enjoyed my time on two wheels, testing, crashing & in some cases pulling out rough manoeuvre.

I understand compare to my bike reviews my car reviews weren’t that great but am happy to work on my passion & at least give it a shot.

Video Link 1 : Honda Shuttle Hybrid Test Ride Review by Wasif Anowar

Video Link 2 : Honda Shuttle Hybrid vs Toyota Fielder Hybrid Comparison Review by Wasif Anowar

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