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During the 2019 I have visited only 3 countries and was passenger on 6 different airlines. Some of them were low cost airlines but after all these ride this year here are my rating of my experience.

  • China Southern Airlines.
    Route – Dhaka to Guangzhou & back
    Aircraft – Airbus A330-300
    This is the best experience I had so far, not to mention this was my very first airline experience & it was one hell of a shot. First of all I loved the A330-300 & 2nd of all the Economy class seat were good so were the catering of 3:30 hours flight. The flight stewards always puts up a smile and they always are helpful.

    While coming back I came in Business class & the seats can go for 170 degree flat. They always offer snacks, soft drinks, juice besides the main course throughout the flight.

    The on board catering is pretty good in both the classes but you have to preorder your meal (no extra charge) as MUSLIM MEAL. Their first class service is pretty good with soft drinks, coffee or water service avilable for free during around 70% of the flight time.

    Their ride from Guangzhuo to Shanghai wasn’t bad either in the little Airbus A321 & not to mention the food they served me till today the best. The only complain I may have that in the domestic flight the cabin crew weren’t so good in English.

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  • Biman Bangladesh Airlines|
    Route – Dhaka to Kolkata
    Aircraft – Boeing 737-800
    I already wrote in one of my article why we Bangladeshi should be proud of Biman & my first experience with me proved me right. In the 35 min ride they offered free snacks of juice, small sandwich & cake. Now here is something I want to mention that Biman is not a LOW COST CARRIER.

    If by chance you are thinking that am giving biased review then have a walk through the review of famous airlines vlogger Sam Chui & —– . Since buying 10 new planes from Boeing (737, 777 & 787) Biman has really changed a lot. The plane I rode was a bit old (probably I had the leased one of four leased 737). But I was very happy with my ride and will inspire others that if possible try to ride on Biman for your international flights and also will request the IDOITS to keep it clean.
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  • IndiGo
    Route – Kolkata to Goa
    Aircraft – Airbus A320
    This is a low cost airlines but comparing to others the experience was good. First of all the plane was neat and clean which I managed to ride. 2nd of all although you have to buy food in flight but the service & cabin crew were very helpful. Talking with some of the local people who also fly often I have heard they are probably the best or 2nd best private airlines company in India.
  • Air Asia
    Route – Langkawi to Kuala lumpur
    Aircraft – Airbus A320
    For 11 straigh years they are the NUMBER 1 LOW COST Airlines in the world so there has to be some buzz. The plane I rode was good, flight attendance were HOT (probably the hottest in my list), in flight meal although you have to pre booked or buy during flight were good too. Although my flight was only for one hour but for long distance ride I would have prefer a bit more leg space & they have the BEST LIVERY from this list, they look epic once the sun’s ray falls on them.
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  • Malindo Air
    Route – Dhaka to Kuala lumpur & Back
    Aircraft – 737-800
    First of all the plane they have are better shaped then Biman but their service weren’t. Pre booked snacks are too expensive, in both the flights the in flight entertainment system weren’t working & worst of all their agent in Dhaka airport aren’t very friendly and they are always rushing the passengers to pass the security check quickly even though we have to wait another 10 min before boarding the plane.
  • Spice Jet
    Route – Goa to Dhaka Via Mumbai
    Aircraft – 737-700
    OK, this deserve the number 6 spot coz this airlines gave me the worst airlines experience of them all. Lets start with a 4 hours delay from Mumbai to Dhaka, on board food menu too expensive, planes are very old as my seat was shaking at lift off from Goa airport, the plane seat’s backcover were mostly old & tored.

    BUT the WORST thing is that upon landing both the times my ear drums hurts so much that as if someone poked inside it with a stick, none of the other airlines I travelled I shared this experience. I think they didn’t or DON’t know how to keep the cabin in pressurized condition. If I ever travelled back to India I will for sure avoid this useless airline.

Now it is normal for low cost airlines to delay their flight but I can’t take delay time of over 2 hours. It is normal for them not to include food for free during flight time but if you think BIMAN is BAD then one should try and fly SPICE JET.

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