Year End Review 2021

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I can’t deny 2021 has been the best year of my life after 2019 for many different circumstances.

Firstly as of today am still alive after all the covid fiasco. Given the travelling I did in Bangladesh.

Secondly we had an awesome Formula 1 season which went down to the wire until the final lap, sadly we will never have a season ending like this ever again unless some miracle happens. In MotoGP there were some great races too.

The word ADVENTURE had a whole new different meaning in my life this year & Formula 1 kept me on the edge of my seat.

Dispite lots of restrictions yet were able to ride & tour in different parts of Bangladesh, not to mention that I toured a lot during this lockdown. Visted some awesome place of Bangladesh yet so much needed to explore.

Lots of paradox happened this year which included that I sold my bike and now I don’t own any bike of my own.

I want to thank my sister Ashfia, Tasnia, Azrin, Mayesha, Shawan, Akib, Sazzad for many different circumstances for making 2021 special.

There are some sadness that I couln’t travel aboard this year but hope to so do in 2022, at least to have a glimpse of Mick Schumacher somewhere in this planet.

Although I don’t know what 2022 has install for me but one thing for certain, that sometime in 2022 I will leave BikeBD for all good, not sure when but I can see it happening sooner or later.

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