Nokkhottrobari Resort Review

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Resort business has boomed a lot in Bangladesh. Over the past 5 years there has been lots of Resorts in Bangladesh. Today I will be writing an article on Nokkhottrobari Resort Review.

This resort is a Resort at Gazipur, situated some 40 km from Dhaka airport this is a nice place to hang out with friends & family. The resort although it a bit old has two different types of rooms. One is the tower building & another one is cottage on the side of the water crest.

The room I stayed was on the pond, it was well spaced although I went just lockdown ended so it wasn’t well maintained. The place isn’t that big but covered with a tree which is a good place for taking pictures.

The time I went there were package available which included set meal lunch & dinner while buffet for breakfast. Lunch item they gave us chicken or beef with fish with rice, dal & vorta.

Dinner item was candle night set menu which had Chinese & Thai & breakfast buffet was good. Swimming pool is good & I went there at night time.

Food was average from my experience. One of the issues with the place is the lack of activities, this is due to amount of space the resort has. I suggest you take a boat ride on the pond at night time.

People who don’t have budget for Sarah Resort or Bhawal Resort this is a good place to hangout with friends or family. I would request anyone visiting any resorts or places in Bangladesh to keep it clean & don’t litter.

Location: Gazipur

Location:                                6/10

Room:                                    7/10

Food:                                     6/10

Service:                                  7/10    

Overall Experience:                6/10

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