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Although am working for BikeBD for the past 6.5 years and before that only had 2 more years of job experience but I still haven’t grabbed my dream job which is to become a Air Traffic Controller.

Airbus A330-300

Next to cars I was always fascinated about aeroplanes. Since childhood it always fascinated me how big planes like Boeing 747 with tonnes of loads can glide on the sky, because Formula 1 & aeroplane engineering is almost 25% similar which is why my interest build a lot.

Things turned more deep when I started to watch Air Crash Investigation & Seconds from Disaster program from National Geographic channel. I thought ATC is something I would enjoy a lot.

Airbus A380-800

Sadly I couldn’t manage to full fill my job & now age 30 I think I have little chance to do that either but I think ATC is one of the most challenging and hardcore work out there. Comparing to that my work at BikeBD is still challenging but sometimes I wish I could chase down my dream job.

KTM Duke 125

So far we have done Test Ride Review of 47 motorcycles and bikes like KTM Duke, Yamaha FZS Fi V3 & Hero X Pro are also in our pipeline, it is a job which many bikers in Bangladesh dream of & am blessed and happy to do what I do best, ride a bike fast.


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