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There are lots of Japanese car manufacturer in Bangladesh. We know Toyota a lot due to their presence widely & then Honda mostly for their hybrid cars but to me the BEST JAPANESE CAR MANUFACTURER is none other then NISSAN!

Nissan X Trail

The thing I love most about Nissan is that almost all their cars (which are available in Bangladesh) have just what you need in them. Look at the elegent Nissan Sylphy. Their fantastic SUV Nissan X Trail, the new hybrid version is a very good car to live with.

Even their MPV NV350 is a treat to drive. All Nissan cars are sublime to drive. Most people don’t know that back in Japan Nissan Note (Hybrid) gives a great fight to the national hybrid car of Bangladesh, Toyota Aqua.

Nissan Sylphy

To me their most exciting car which is still to come here is Nissan Kicks e Power Hybrid, a 1500 cc hybrid SUV which will fight with the likes of Vezel & CHR.

The build quality of Nissan cars are good too. The issue is due to most people driving their cars in CNG in Bangladesh which Toyota cars are well adapted + spare parts are cheap & easy to find so a good car like Nissan didn’t get the market which they should have done if we were to have level playing field.

Nissan Kicks e Power


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