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In my entire life I managed to own only 4 bikes & among that list to me Honda CB 150R Streetfire is my most favourite.  I know some people might have their jaw open but here are the reasons why I rated it so high.

First of all is the practicality, it has a rod handle bar, aggressive styling,  single long seat for two people to sit, rear grab rail, soft suspensions, LED headlight which actually work at night time, 130 section rear tyre, duel disc brakes & a fuel consumption of around 40 kmpl in Dhaka city.

Naked Sports Bike

What the bike don’t have is engine kill switch, pass light. Also you will find that the stock chain will make lots of noise & a bit unreliable & if you are a bit unlucky then the engine will give some hard noise from the timing chain tension er .

Only when you sit on this motorcycle and twist the throttle is when your mind will be blown away. There are many bikes where there is a point where the power starts to lose its battle with the friction of the air but in this there is no let up at all, it’s like its moving in a vacuum. It uses the same engine that you find in Honda CBR150R.

The engine is slightly detune so it produces 16.7 BHP & 13.8 NM of Torque, which is enough.  Yes I agree a Suzuki GSX-S150 is faster then this but with a top of 140+ kmph there aren’t many things which has better braking and controlling ability among the bikes in this segment.

The rest of the bike is exquisite. The reason why I love this motorcycle is that you can use this as a regular commuter, go on long tours on weekends and when needed can ripped apart many things on road.

Currently my Streetfire has done around 21,000 km & sadly due to low quality fuel it is always hard to get the full performance in Bangladesh but hands on heart it is the best possession of my life. This bike is a mixture of elegance & power.

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