My Most Favourite Bike I Tested For BikeBD

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The bike in question is actually CF Moto 150NK re branded as Race Fiero 150FR. So why do I like a bike which is Chinese & don’t have too much power in the engine out of all the 38 bikes I have tested for BikeBD ?

CF Moto 150 NK

Lets start from the beginning, the bike is made by Kiska, the same company that designed KTM Duke , so you will find some similarities in looks. Then comes the engine which produces only 11.8 BHP & 10.7 NM of Torque from a 150cc two valve, liquid cooled, EFI engine. We know it isn’t much.

The build quality of the bike is top class but maintenance cost & time is also high and one of the biggest problem of the bike is that unless you are giving this bike RON 93 Octane(which is almost impossible to find outside Dhaka & only very pumps in Dhaka has) you won’t get the RAW performance from the motorcycle.


The thing which I ADORE about the bike is the way it slip & slides on the corners. This is a bike which want to play like a dog, rather then sit like a cat all day long & see the sunrise & sun set. The brakes of the bike is top class but I remember doing lots of opposite locking with the bike on the corners of hatirjheel. The bike is ALIVE!

Handling of the bike isn’t top class & this is where the bike give a buzz in the stomach. Riding this bike on the twisty & turning of Kaptai road with Habib bhai’s  I understood how difficult a bike it is compare to his Fazer, but it really gets the adrenaline pumping. The people who rides these knows that you need to be awake all the time.

Me with my most favourite Test Bike from BikeBD

This isn’t a motorcycle you will want to ride or use for your everyday work & for it’s high maintenance it is expensive too to run but as a machine which will give you THRILL & take you on the edge of the cliff am still waiting to test another of such kind.






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