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Yes I know am day dreaming, I will never have the money, neither will it get permission in Bangladesh but my dream bike will always be MV Agusta F3 675.

MV Augusta F3 675

I agree that comparing to other Italian brands like Ducati & Aprilia MV Agusta lacks lots of modern technical & design benches, neither it is soft as Benelli nor it is mental and defies the laws of physics like Bimota or Vyrus. What MV Augusta makes are BEAUTIFUL bike, it blends a bike which has POWER & ELEGANCE.

The bike was launched in 2013, it features a 3 cylinder 675 cc engine which produces 128 BHP & 71 NM of Toque with a top speed limited to 250 kmph. Here is where it gets interesting, the bike weighs 173 KG comparing a Lifan KPR150 which weighs 150 kg!

The reason for the light weight is coz they used lots of aluminum and carbon fiber which are lighter then steel but much stronger . The most attractive thing for any biker is the headlight of the bike & this is where the F3 stands out.

MV Augusta F3 675

Another thing, please look at those 3 exhausts system which came under the body and it will give you an impression that it burnt the swing arm 😛 . The bike has traction control & many other electronic systems which will help you to have fun with it.

MV Augusta F3 675 Exhaust

I can write about this bike endlessly but to me this bike is as perfect as it can to my characteristic. Yes for sure a Kawasaki H2R or a Suzuki Hayabusa will give me more THRILL but none of those I would love to take for a road trip.

MV Agusta F3 to me is a bike which I can take for a road trip and when am tired I can park on the road side , sit and watch it till I get bored. At this moment of time I know many of you will be laughing at me for choosing this bike from a company which many would have never heard of.

MV Augusta F3 675 Speedometer

Let me give you some statistics, Honda has won  24 MotoGP / 500 cc world championship, the manufacturer next to Honda is this MV Agusta who won 16 World Championship. To me this is a piece of ART.

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