Why I Don’t Like Bike Shows These Days

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Lets be very clear I LOVE Bike Shows but over the past 2 years am starting not to enjoy this type of Bike Shows or Biking events and I do have some strong reasons behind this:

BikeBD Pavilion Backdrop at 5th Dhaka Bike Show

First of all is the SOUND issue, ok I love Linkin Park & Dead By April but I don’t like LOUD music, in most biking events, specially in a close hall the sounds are very loud & often for 2-3 days I can feel the effect.

The second and big reasons is that although I have a very small FRIENDS who are bike enthusiast but because of BikeBD I happen to become a bit popular (yes playing my own drums) which means I have to take selfie or talk with many bikers hence I don’t have time to give to the family members or friends who visit the shows / events.

Fact of the matter is am a car enthusiast but due to my work load only once I managed to visit the stall of car show at 5th Dhaka Bike Show and see and take a photo with Subaru Impreza or the Honda Civic. The final thing is I just don’t get to enjoy my TIME at Bike Shows.

Although no disrespect to any bikers who come to meet us but honestly this all POPULAR thing makes me very uncomfortable.

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