The Bike Am Waiting To Test in 2019

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Although I want that we get 250cc bikes in Bangladesh but if not then the bike am waiting to for this, Honda X Blade there are lots of REASON for that.


First of all it looks GREAT, I have seen in Dhaka Bike Show 2018 & I loved it, the bike isn’t as muscular as Hornet but much more smarter looking & edgy. I think somewhere in their design frame they have taken inspiration from Honda CB 150R Streetfire.

Honda X Blade covered all the technical issues which Honda CB Hornet 160R has, instead of AC headlight it has LED headlight which looks like Optimus Prime, it doesn’t have the chain issue as it comes with seal chain and most important of all I heard unlike Hornet this bike has ready pick up.

Yes the rear tyre is 130 section but I think I can live with it. They gave it the same speedometer as you can find in Honda CBR150R. The overall design is something which will attract bikers ageing 20-35 & because I am still 31 so I have few more years to live with it.

Dhaka Bike Show 2018

The penultimate thing is the engine, it has a same engine as Hornet so reliability & spares won’t be an issue and I think the price of X Blade can be under 2 lac. Comment below which bike you are waiting to ride in this year.

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