The Best Two Stroke Bike!

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As a pillion my life started with Honda CDI which my dad used to own back in the nearly 90’s. That was a proper bike & a bike that really caught the word HONDA in everone’s mouth when refering a motorcycle.

In the modern days of biking with bikes having so many things around it,2 stroke bikes has become light at the end of the tunnel. 2 srtoke era was something special & today I will talk about the Best Two Stoke Bike I ever rode.

Yamaha R15 V3 & Yamaha RX115

The very first time I rode a bike was a Yamaha RX115 & only managed to go 100 meters after the engine shuted down due to my miscalculation with the clutch.

The RX115 used to have a 115 cc single cylinder, stroke engine. It was a great marvel for everyone back in those time. The engine used to give out 15.2 BHP @ 11,000 RPM & 13.5 NM of Torque. This power is possible for the mechanism of two stroke engine. The engine was very strong and reliable.

The front telescopic suspensions worked well but even carrying 3 people on the bike the rear duel shock swing arm suspensions gave very comfortable feedback on the ass of the biker.

This bike can manage to do a top speed of over 140 kmph! This is possible for the engine & also for the weight of the bike, it weighs only 95 kg. Although as the bikes which came in BD had drum brakes so braking wise it wasn’t very modern nor were the tyres they were thin.

The last time this bike was found brand new used to cost over 1.5 lac back in 2002, around the same time a Bajaj Pulsar 150 used to cost less then one lac.

These days these bikes are hard to find in a good conditions as mostly the spare parts which are use in them are Chinese made. But in a era when SPEED was not a thing RX115 used to smoke everyone literally.

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