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As you guys know that am more a car enthuiest then a bike lover, like any guy out there one day I would love to own a car for myself. Today I will talk about my DREAM CAR!

Owning a car in Bangladesh is a big thing, mostly it is seen as an investment that is why Toyota is so popular in Bangladesh due to cheap spart parts, good resale value, many mechanic can work on it & most importantly easy to run on CNG.

Now straight away am not a RECONDITION car fan as buying a recon car is no different then buying a 2nd hand car, yes I know a 30,000 km Japanese car still can go another 50-70 k without any major work with the engine or gear box (like my Toyota Townace) but deep inside am not a big fan.

So if I were to have ENOUGH money in my life I will buy a brand new Honda Civic! So why choose a car which cost 40 lac rather then buy something different, well there are many reasons.

  1. Am not a Toyota fan, I think they are overated, yes they are reliable and everything I mentioned why they are NUMBER 1 in BD but they are a bit BORING (not my words, it is the words of the current President of Toyota).
  2. Am not a SUV or MPV guy, I think people who buy them are more interested into owning a car then driving it.
  3. Hatchback are good but if you want to own one make sure you have it with a funky colour, like orange, blue or yellow.
  4. The current Civic is a piece of art, if you don’t agree with me then go a see one.

The current Civic comes with a 1.5 litre Turbo engine which produces 170 BHP & 220 NM of Torque matted with a 5 speed automatic transmission with paddle shifter (something you get in Formula 1 ).

According to some reports it gives out a mileage of 10-12 kmpl in Dhaka city (with AC turn ON) & with the right grade of fuel it will do a top speed of nearly 200 kmph!

From the front the LED headlights looks epic & that tail end is something eye catching! I don’t quiet like the speedometer but who will listen to me.

It has a decent amount of booth space, seats good enough for 5 elder people to sit in the car & a good feedback of suspensions & brakes.Yes I know the ground clereance of the car isn’t the best & I still think that it is a touch expensive if you compare it to a 2018-2019 Toyota Allion.

But what I love most about this car that it has a blend of elegance & power, something very hard to find in cars in Bangladesh.

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