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Problems with Hybrid Cars in Bangladesh

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Over the past 3 years hybrid cars are becoming very popular in Bangladesh. People who can affoard a car are now moving towads a hybrid car. There are some good reason why:

  1. Hybrid cars have slightly less tax in Bangladesh so price is a bit cheaper compare to the same car , non hybrid.
  2. Mileage of hybrid cars are very good, a same engine non hybrid car if gives 8-10 kmpl in Dhaka then a hybrid version of the same car will give 12-15 kmpl.
  3. For hybrid cars you don’t need to run on CNG so you are not killing the engine slowly.

Some of the most popular hybrid cars in Bangladesh

Toyota – Aqua, Axio Corolla, Prius

Honda – Fit, Grace, Vezel

Mazda – Axela

Nissan – X Trail

Mitshubishi – Outlander PHEV

Suzuki – Ciaz,.

So what are the major problems you might face after buying a Hybrid car?

Lack of Power

To increase fuel efficiency, hybrids have much less powerful engines, resulting in cars with a considerable drop in power. Both acceleration and pulling power are affected by this.

Cost of Repairs

Engines in hybrid cars are a newer technology that many mechanics are not yet familiar with. This and their more complicated design leads to much higher repair costs.

Battery Life

The average hybrid car battery lasts around 125,000 – 150,000 km before needing replaced. As most While that seems like quite a long shelf life, keep in mind that these batteries cost 3-5 lac. Also most hybrid cars which comes in Bangladesh comes as recondition so it will have some mileage on the car + some recondiiton car importers temper the odometer reading of the car so in that case you might need to change the batter before you know it.


Because the engines produce less power than a typical car, hybrids are much smaller to help improve acceleration and gas efficiency. For this reason, some hybrids have drastically less storage space than their non-hybrid counterparts.


For more efficient operation and better performance, hybrids are typically much lighter than a normal car. These lighter materials tend to make the car more susceptible to damage.


Bangladesh has a very dusty weather which isn’t good for the hybrid battaries of your car. As battery heats up a lot and it needs to cool down quickly, if the battery runs too hot then it also affects the performance & mostly the mileage of the car.

3 thoughts on “Problems with Hybrid Cars in Bangladesh

  • Md Quamrul Hasan July 4, 2021 at 10:25 am

    After damage of the Battery, is it possible to convert the engine in LPG power System?

  • Md Quamrul Hasan July 4, 2021 at 10:27 am

    After damage of the Battery, is it possible to convert the engine in to LPG power System?

    • Wasif Anowar July 5, 2021 at 12:17 pm

      I heard it is possible some people did that but not sure whether it is a good or bad option to choose. Although I know some completly shut off their hybrid systems

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