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Our Mirage is a German Post- Hardcore band which was founded back in 2017. The band also sings alternative rocks, melodic hardcore. This is currently my most favorite musical band in the world.

The band consist of 4 members who are here since from the beginning.

  • Timo Bonner – Vocal
  • Steffen Hirz – Lead Guitarist
  • Manuel Mobs – Bassist & Backup Vocal
  • Daniel Maus – Drummer

So far until 2022 they released 3 studio albums

  • 2018 – Lifeline
  • 2020 – Unseen Relations
  • 2022 – Eclipse

Timo Bonner was the lead vocalist of Forever in Combat. He is also responsible for most of the lyricism of the band. The lyrices mostly consist with depressions, anxiety & bullying, things which he has experience in his personal life are decisive for the themes of the band’s songs.

Since I started listening band music from the early 2000’s my favourite was Linkin Park but from their 4th Album they sounded different, then I started liking Breaking Benjamin, followed by Dead By April.

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