2023 MotoGP Race Weekend Format

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There is a new Sporting Regulation that has been added in 2023 MotoGP that is the Race Weekend Format. MotoGP like F1 will add Sprint Race Weekend on Saturday but instead of trying it out in some races MotoGP will have them in all race weekend, 21 as of 2023 racing calendar.

So here is how the race weekend will pan out,

To add some added information

  • The main race happens over a distance of 115-120 km with a maximum time limit of 60 minutes
  • Sprint Race will have over a distance of 50-60 km with a maximum time limit of 30 minutes.
  • Only Top 9 will get the points for the Sprint Race weekend whereas during the Main Race top 15 gets the points.

My personal verdict

  • First of all am happy that by introducing Sprint Race weekend they are reducing the practice & warm up time, in the past they used to get 185 min of dry running, which now being reduce to 145 min.
  • 2nd of all, as we have seen in F1 Sprint Race weekend does add new taste in the race weekend + also help bring more crowd which is good for the people arranging the race.
  • But having a Sprint Race weekend every race does takes away some of the SPECIALTY of it.
  • I think like F1 the Saturday’s Sprint Race weekend should have had been a grid create for the Sunday’s race as in that case some people wouldn’t have taken the risk while some would have gone all send in.

Here is the 2023 MotoGP Calender

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