Ducati Moto E Bikes For 2023 Onwards

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Moto E is an all electric motorcycle racing series which runs as a support series to MotoGP in about 6-8 rounds in a year. Over the past 4 seasons Energica Ego used to be sole distributor of the machine but from 2023 onwards Ducati will supply Ducati Moto E bikes to the series.

Ducati is a brand is tough to imagine will go electric sooner compare to it’s Japanese counterpart. The new Ducati V21L is a performance bench mark for any 2 wheeler electric racing series

The new machine has a battery pack of 18 kWh which run at 800 colts, it takes around 45 min to charge 80% of the cell with an onboard 20kw charger.

With a dry weight of 225 kg the battery can supply a power of 150 BHP & 140 NM of Torque. The top speed is around 275 kmph as tested at Mugello racing track .

The chassis design should look familiar to any Ducatisti, with Ducati reusing its forward frame chassis technology with an aluminum spar connecting the front-end to the carbon fiber battery pack, which doubles as a stressed member of the chassis.

The V21L also uses a full electronics suite from Ducati, which includes IMU-assisted traction control, wheelie control, and slide control. There are different throttle maps and engine braking maps (regenerative braking) as well, allowing the bike to be tailored to individual rider preferences.

In terms of hard parts, the usual brands can be seen. The braking package has been developed closely with Brembo, and sees 338.5mm dual discs made out of steel at the front, with extra cooling fins on the carrier assembly. Ducati is testing discs that are 6.8mm to 7.4mm, which is a sizable bump from the 4mm you would see on a modern production bike.

These discs are mated to two Brembo GP4RR M4 calipers with 32mm and 36mm pistons, again a sizable upgrade from the typical 30mm pistons you would see on a Panigale V4 superbike. These are connected to a Brembo PR 18×19 radial master cylinder, for sizable bite and modularity.

As you would also suspect, the suspension comes from Öhlins, and here Ducati has copied its design from the Superleggera V4 project, with Öhlins NPX 25/30 pressurized forks and a Öhlins TTX36 shock absorber. An Öhlins steering damper completes the suspension package.

A quick look at this MotoE racer and you cannot miss the dual radiator setup. The top radiator cools the 800-volt battery pack, which tips the scales at 243 lbs with its 1,152 clyindrical 21700 cells. Meanwhile, the bottom radiator cools the electric motor that was developed in-house, and weighs a mere 46 lbs and spins up to 18,000 rpm.

Current MotoE Races happens around 10-12 races per year with each race being 35 km in length, it is expected that the new motor will not also increase the range of the motorcycles but also will give more reliability to the machines.

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