Maserati MC20 Review, My New LOVE!

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Forget about driving this car & writing a review I am still thousands of miles away even to watch this car with my naked eyes! But my writing of this article is based on the verdict shared by Chris Harris & Hengry Catchpole, here comes the Maserati MC20 Review, my new LOVE!

This is a car which you can ride as you ride you standard Porches 911 Turbo. Yes a 911 is always better than everything else around. Maserati MC20 isn’t as track focus as a Mclaren 720S or loaded with technology & affection like a Ferrari 296 GTB.

Yes it lacks the flamboyant & dark art of aerodynamics of a Lamborghini Huracan or the submile smoothness of Audi R8. What this car is a complete surprise, from a car company which was doing OKISH 4 doors saloon, SUV & 2 doors coupe for a long time and hasn’t touched a true sports car in about 40 years.

It came out at a time when the world is running around due to Covid-19, the war at Russia – Ukraine & other unless issues. This I think is one of those Lexus LFA moment, everyone thought it won’t be a good idea but yet it turned out to be brilliant!

If you add Mercedes GT-R, BMW M8 or the Aston Martin DB11 in this show it will be wrong, as those cars were made for people who are interested for luxury speed over a speed which is uncomfortable.

The very definition of a supercar is to have a mid engine, rear wheel drive car that will put a smile on your face & although most cars in this articles DOES but sadly many DON’T give a fuss!

Ferrari is always known to be the benchmark of SUPERCAR, but although many successor came after after 458 Italia nothing came with the same characmatic, yes they were brilliant but none were that body shaking!

Maserati MC20 is jewel in the crown, it is natural, well design, has the power packed it needed with a 620 BHP engine pushing a body that weighs under 1500 kg. & add to that it also has some Italian lunacy. It doesn’t have hybrid or any silly things which might spoil the party. The 3 litre V6 is turbo charged & also pumps out 730 NM of Torque with a claimed top speed of 325 kmph!

This is the 4th car in my love I literally fell in love with, with the 458 Italia, LFA & the glorious 8C.

Maserati MC20 is Truly amazing, you know why? coz it’s OLD SCHOOL!

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