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Why You Should Buy A Brand New Car in Bangladesh

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Bangladesh is a country where around 90% of all cars on the road are recondition cars. Only few people want to buy a brand new car, I presonally prefer buying a brand new car and today I will talk about Why You Should Buy A Brand New Car.

Suzuki Cars in Bangladesh

In my family there is a recondition car but as time went by I realize that buying a brand new car for family use is a good thing. Yes when you are buying a Japanese recondition car you are getting good realibility, spare parts are easy to find & they are cheap. But at the end of the day you know that it is eventually a 2nd hand, or in some cases 3-4 th hand cars.

Advantages of buying a BRAND NEW CAR

  • You will get factory warranty.
  • Brand new car smell, something every petrol head must love.
  • In Bangladesh you are getting 5 years road permit from BRTA so you won’t need to take the car at BRTA every year.
  • Low registration cost.
  • Few maintenance cost for 2-3 years comparing to a recondition car.
  • Many recondition cars which comes in Bangladesh have a accident records, for brand new car there is no chance of that.
  • Almost 90% Recondition car has a minimum mileage of 30 – 50 thousand kilometers which are coming in Bangladesh over the past 10 years, in many cases the odometer is temperted which isn’t an issue for brand new car.
  • Getting the stock accessories, in many recondition cars the stock things are mostly removed and replace them by Chinese equipments.
  • Better mileage, for sure a brand new Toyota Corolla will give better mileage over a 50 k recondition Toyota Corolla.
Mitsubishi SUV

Disadvantages of buying a BRAND NEW CAR

  • Unless you are buying a Toyota then spare parts will be hard to find and they will be expensive.
  • Resale value of Brand new car is less comparing to recondition Toyota cars.
  • Most brand new cars which comes in Bangladesh comes from India, Thailand or Indonesia, sometimes you might find that the build quality of those cars aren’t as good as the Japanese made recondition cars.
Recondition Cars at Port

Everything will have an advantage & disadvantage but putting everything in the calculator if you want to buy a family car then a brand new car should be your first choice.

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