Why Bike Companies Are Bringing Superbikes in BD?

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This year I have been bashed a lot on our Youtube Channel when I did a small first impresison video on Suzuki GSX-R1000 & Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R, the question among many was in a country where we can’t ride bike over 165 cc why companies are bringing 1000 cc bikes!

Well the main reason is for their branding, this is a common practice. 2nd of all it is a request towards the Bangladeshi goverment to give persmission of bikes around 250 cc as there is a huge enthuist about sports bike in the 250cc range.

I know many people who are currently using CBR or V3 would have shifted to 250cc bikes, yes by increasing the engine size regulation the tax on the bikes must also come down so that it is affoardable to the bikers.

Just by increasing the engine capacity doesn’t mean that you are increasing the speed as well, a 150 cc sports bike can do max 150-155 kmph while a 250 cc bike might do at least 180 kmph!

A Toyota Allion or Premio can do the same speed & while 250 cc sports bikes have lots of safety features like duel channel ABS, more wider tyre for better grip, better disc brake for more efficent braking.

Now for the people who are asking WHY, if today Scarlett Johansson comes in BD then many would love to go and take a picture with her or at least take a picture of her! becoz we like her

Many of the bikers love these bikes, yes we we can’t ride the bikes left along taking a picture sittting on it but few things comes from the heart which is called PASSION which is an abstract noun. For few seeing this bike it’s like seeing Scarlett Johansson & it means a lot to them.

From my personal point of view last year I was very hopeful that 250 cc motorcycles will be permitted least year but I hope the days aren’t far away.


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