300,000 Subscribers for BikeBD’s Youtube Channel!

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Thanks to all the BikeBD Youtube Subscribers who supported us in our journey of nearly 8 years!

Without your support & constant poking of improving our videos we wouldn’t have come this far.

We are always trying to give the best quality content through our Youtube Channel, some of the videos were really appreciated by you guys and some couldn’t win your heart, & I agree there are some videos which are rubbish but as human we will be a mix of GOOD, BAD & UGLY!

Till today the most view video from our Youtube Channel is the comparison review between Yamaha R15 V3, Honda CBR150R & Suzuki GSX-R150! . We have conducted Test Ride Review of 59 bikes and currently 4 more video reviews are are been worked in the edit panel and will be coming out very soon.

This covid19 has pushed us back by 4-6 months, we will be testing over the next 5 months 9 new bikes which we hope to bring the reviews as soon as we can.

Also I feel proud that we have a Facebook Fan Page with 15,00,000 followers, a Facebook Group with 8,60,000 members & a Instagram ID with nearly 38,000 followers.

There are some people who are opening FAKE identity of BikeBD, for clearing that out here are our Offical link of all the major Channels / Social media we have

Website >> https://www.bikebd.com/

Youtube Channel >> https://www.youtube.com/c/Bikebd/videos

Facebook Page >> https://www.facebook.com/bikebangladesh/

Facebook Group>> https://www.facebook.com/groups/bikebd/

Instagram >> https://www.instagram.com/bike.bd/

Thank you again for supporting us & Inshallah together we will ride further.

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