Yamaha Fazer : Best Touring Bike in Bangladesh?

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Before riding the Lifan KPS150 aka Micky Mouse for the past 3 months I used a Yamaha Fazer (2011) courtesy of my mechanic for near about 3 months to ride on the highway. This was the first time I was actually riding a Fazer on the highway & after riding it for a long time (5000 km) I understood why many top senior bikes over the past years stated that Yamaha Fazer is the best touring bike in Bangladesh!


I will straight get to the point, the bike I used to tour these places was a bike from 2011, although it’s speedo says it did 21,000 km but me & Sahin knew it was fake! Yes the absence of rear disc brake does create an issue when you are at a speed of over 100 kmph under emergency braking.

But after few days riding it I realized this bike wasn’t made to do 100 kmph on the straight or even thinking about out dragging a bike on a 0-100 kmph sprint, in fact it was made to go faster then anything in it’s class around a corner! Kaptai, Bandarban, Sreemongol, Sylhet, all these places throws you corners along with gradient changes.


This is where the Fazer comes alive as if the front owl shaped headlight wants to eat the line on the road like a pacman does in a video game. This was possible due to the rear suspension, the wider rear 140 section tyre & finally front body kit which does spread the air around you when you travel at speed around 70-80 kmph.


As I was a riding a inferior bike there were some issues but you have to remember this is a machine which is older than my bike riding experience & wasn’t maintained that properly as it wasn’t ridden by my mechanic more then 20 km a day & being an old carburetor engine also the top end was good but mileage figure was poor, even though the bike returned a mileage of 38 kmpl. The only key issue I faced during this time was my starter motor stopped working.

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One key disadvantage which I faced (due to my bad fitness level) was once coming back from Bandarban on a cold winter evening, I was tired & was sleepy so I felt asleep for I guess around 4-5 sec, the good thing was I was on a straight piece of road on Dhaka Chittagong highway & my speed was under 80 kmph! Seems like it is not only best for touring but a bit comfortable one as well :P.

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