What Will Happen When I Leave BikeBD?

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Have been working unofficially for 8 years for the organization and as all good things must come to an end, a day will come when me & BikeBD will part away & I was thinking what will happen after that!

There are lots of potential people around who will replace me, for someone at the start it will be a bit tough to handle everything I do for BikeBD so it might take 2-3 people.

One as a host for video review, one to write articles for the website, one for managing the linkage between BikeBD & the clients & finally may be someone to look after the social media side of the show.

As for me I have to look for a job somewhere else, which might take 2-3 months as I will take a month gap & go fishing.

Haojue DR160

For a guy who is riding bikes for 10 years it will be tough to be without bikes for 10 days & as all the test bikes will be taken away from me so I might end up buying a motorcycle for myself under the budget of 2 lac.

I will either buy a Honda X Blade or a Haojue DR160, yes that is how much I adore this Chinese bike,I know spare parts wise I will face some issues but it is Brilliant, Ruthless, Determined, Fast and Charismatic.

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