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So we are going for a 7 days hardcore lockdown which I think might extend until mid of this month so with nothing much to do in life today I will share Top 3 Secrets of Mine at BikeBD, so grab up your seat belt, it will be a rodeo ride!


Until today we have tested around 72 Bikes for BikeBD of which we have published the review of 64 of them & most of the rest are in progress in publication.

As I have done testing of almost 80% of them every once in a while I do had a little to big accident but once I had a very embrassing one.

So one day after servicing the bike the head mechanic gave me the bike & asked me to have a trail and I twisted the throttle too much & as the service centre floor was very slippery the rear tyre spun, I couldn’t control it and I feel with the bike inside the service centre!

There were like 15 odds people inside the service centre looking at my face and all I did was put my head down & walked away from it.


Am not a practical guy but knowing that I have tested so many bikes and has been riding a motorcycle for near about 9 years you might be thinking that I may have done few works on my bikes if not any major work.

But the truth is, hand on heart till today I haven’t changed the spark plug of any of my bike I rode or owned ! I mean yes I did changed them but it was done by a mechanic or someone else but not by me.

Helmet Partner : Suomy

This might sound a bit odd but back in 2014 I did resigned once from BikeBD once. Long story short, I was angry with a certain founder of BikeBD & an ex employee of BikeBD provoked me into doing something funny hence hot headed I wrote a 200 words resign letter to BikeBD on December 2nd ( remember the date as I still have that mail) which was never accepted by BikeBD rest as you know is a tale.

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