The Day I Nearly Lost My Job At BikeBD

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4 years back to this day I did something so good that I nearly lost my job at BikeBD! The story started with 3 of my friends including Jahir Bhai & my most favourite rider started our journey on the way from Dhaka to Sajek.

We were a bit late to start the journey & then also one of our friend Arefin bhai had an issue with his motorcycle which took time to fix. Back then Dhaka Chittagong was working on the 4 lane road so the traffic was also huge, so we reached Dighinala camp just on time.

But as the sun was setting after registering our name at the camp me & Abu Saeed started to push a little bit, he was with his Honda CG125 while I was riding a brand new Lifan KPR150 (for testing). So just 15 min into our ride to Sajek while taking a slow speed corner I midjudge the corner entry and applied my brakes on the sand which was on the side of the road.


Hence I slipped and crashed softly but it was enough to break my looking glass & my right hand side kit. I was very sad as the KPR was given to us just 2 months back to review and that was the bike which was getting ready for the video review.

When I came back to Dhaka I thought both Suvro Bhai & Rasel Bhai will be very angry with me as both asked me not to take the test bike in a extreme ride to Sajek before our video shoot! For a moment I though my place at BikeBD is gone, but thankfully I kept it for another day.


Both of them took the situation normally and asked about my health. Also Rasel Bhai replaced the broken KPR with a RED one which eventually we took for the video review. Today having an accident is a naturally phenomena but back on those days I felt that the moment I will come back to Dhaka Suvro Bhai will say to me TATA BYE BYE!

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