My Thoughts on 350cc Motorcycles in Bangladesh

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Recently news broke out that Bangladeshi goverment is thinking to give permission up to 350cc motorcycles in Bangladesh, here are my thoughts on 350cc motorcycles in Bangladesh

Honda CBR250RR


  • We need as we are the only country in this universe where we are restricted to 165cc motorcycles.
  • More engine cc doesn’t mean more speed, a Yamaha R15 V3 (155 cc) can do 150 kmph while a Yamaha R3 (320cc) can do max 180-190 kmph. Yamaha R1 M which is a 1000cc monster is limited to 300 kmph!
  • High cc bikes gets better suspensions, brakes, chassic & wider tyres, so the bikes naturally becomes more stable & safe.
  • Bangladeshi goverment are improving the roads & highway so there will be roads to ride those high cc bikes.
  • Bangladeshi people are very fancy so they won’t mind spending money (few of them off course) on higher cc bikes
  • We already have permission to import exclusive sports cars like Porches, BMW or Mercedes, my favourite car Honda Civic can even do 180-190 kmph easily so why bikes will be neglected
Kawasaki Ninja Z250


  • As most will come in CBU or in CKD at first & current tax structure will make them very expensive to own, infact a twin cylinder Japanese sports bike might cost you around 7-8 lac!
  • One of the biggest issue of having higher cc bikes is that they need good quality fuel, at least RON 90, it is hard to find RON 90 fuel in Bangladesh left along outside Dhaka
  • They are complicated as they have more wiring, electronics, need regular maintaince, there aren’t enough local service centre in Bangladesh to back them up in case of an major issue
  • Many inexperience bikers will buy them, even for some it might be the FIRST bike, for those I think this will be an issue to handle.
Haojue DR300

My Thoughts

  • I honestly want 350cc bikes to get permitted in Bangladesh.
  • CBU tax needed to be lowered for at least 2 years.
  • There should be a rule that to buy bikes over 150cc you must have 2 years experience on your driving license.
  • Goverment should take initiative to make sure that petrol pumps in Bangladesh provide good quality fuels & in good amount as well.

What will I get for myself

If Almighty give me the opportunity then I will try to own a sub 350cc bike in my life, here are my top 3 choice

  • Honda CBR250RR – with the exception of ZX-25R this is the BEST in the segment
  • Kawasaki Z250 – Just look @ it
  • Haojue DR300 – Best Chinese motorcycle company EVER!

Leave a comment if you have any thoughts or what you will buy if you have the money to own a sub 350cc bike.

One thought on “My Thoughts on 350cc Motorcycles in Bangladesh

  • Sazzad January 18, 2021 at 4:29 pm

    Well in my Opinion i too also eagerly waiting for the 350 cc after then i can buy my dream machine the mighty cbr 250rr . A machine Worth having anything else but matter to be worried what would be the tax .I think the policy maker will have a sensible thoughts regarding the tax issue as most these will come as cbu unit .all we can. Hope that the price will be in reachable distance for a bike enthusiast like me!!

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