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My Favourite: Top 3 Youtube Channel From Bangladesh

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There are lots of Youtubers in Bangladesh from many different sector. If you are bored at watching BikeBD Youtube Videos then here are 3 Youtube Channel you might love watching as these are the only 3 Youtube Channel I Subscribed from Bangladesh

Throttle Alpha: Honestly speaking sometimes even I have to sit with a dictionary to understand the words that comes out of his mouth. He is smart & has a very bold attitude in his presentation.

Their video edit team is one of the best in Bangladesh. Yes they speaks everything in ENGLISH which is why many don’t like their channel but their concept is different & they do try to add new flavour in their videos.

WannabeGump: I like his unique way of doing daily vlogging. Most vloggers talks lots of unnessary things in their video but most of the time this guy (whoever he is) is on the point.

He loves to keep his identity secret (name & face as all of his videos is done by wearing mask or helmet). I think his secrecy is what makes me enjoy his videos most. I found few more vloggers these days following his trend.

Road Riderz, RRz : I just love their stunts. Setu bhai & Chinmoy bhai did a very good job over the years to control & maintain a bunch of people who are very talented & at the same time very professional. If there is ever a list of top 3 stunt team in Bangladesh then surely RRZ will be there.

Some of their stunt rider like Robin bhai, Pritom Bhai, Sabbir Bhai are really good at their work. If you have followed some of video review of BikeBD & have seen some stunt clips (RTR, Gixxer, FZS) those were done by the crew of RRZ.


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