Happy New Year 2021

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I can write 20 pages on how bad 2020 was but thinking for a moment I think from my side it wasn’t bad at all.

We could have so easily loose two MotoGP riders at Austrian GP in the name of Rossi & Vinales as two MotoGP bikes missed them by inches while those two were taking a turn & MotoGP bikes came flying to them at speed over 150 kmph.

Coming to the end of the year, at Bahrain we could have lost Romain Grosjean which in my eyes is the most violent and heart stopping crash in my 21 years of watching Formula 1. We were so glad to see him escape that inferno He escaped that day with some minor burnings in his hand.

Suvro Sen caught up with Covid, his entire family was affected, glad they all are finally good. I myself caught up with issue with severe heart burn from gastric which nearly set me off course.

But one of the highlights of my year is going to Sreemongol after twisting my ankle just 5 days before the trip, I was very desperate to make it happen & against all odds am glad I made it as mentally & physically it was one of the most demanding tour of my life.

I don’t know what is waiting for me in 2021 but I hope it will be something which will keep me on the edge of the seat. But if anyone ask me what I want most I will say, a ride to Remakri, Bandarban at full moon with a Haojue DR160.

Just my final words, not everything in life is a curse,it can be blessings too.

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