Giacomo Agostini: the man not even Valentino Rossi could beat

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You have probably never head of this guy as in a world where we know Rossi, Marquez, Lorenzo & may be Fabio Quantararo who the hell is Giacomo Agostini.

Well for starter this is a 80 years old former MotoGP rider who raced between 1965 till 1975 & in short according to record book the most successful Grand Prix rider of all time.

HOW??? Lets put the numbers shall we?

Valentino Rossi has won 115 Grand Prix between his MotoGP career (Moto2 & Moto3 included) from1996 till his retirement at 2017. He also won 7 World titles in MotoGP & 2 more in the lower category brining up the total tally of 9. Agostini on the other hand has won 15 World Championships (350 cc & 500cc combined) & won the Grand Prix a record 122 times!

Yes different times with different rules but still that is quiet an achievements in a era when it was considered Sex as safe & Moto Racing as dangerous. If you can see some the pictures you will understand how little safety & features they had in the 60’s & 70’s compare to these days.

Can anyone beat him ? Among the current riders who are racing in 2022 MotoGP season only Marc Marquez seems to worry him. As at the age of 29 he won 8 titles, so given his form & talent it is technically possible.

Another piece of info, of all his 15 titles 12 were won with MV Augusta! I guess many of you haven’t heard about this motorcycle brand as well!

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