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Formula 1 & MotoGP to start in July ?

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Formula 1 & MotoGP are trying to start the 2020 season from the Austrian GP at Red Bull Ring. Currently they have some reasons to do it there :

  • Austia is in Europe & as most F1 & MotoGP teams are situated in UK, Spain & Italy it is easy to get in & out Austria easliy.
  • Both the events will be with no spectators, with an handful of special guest, tv crew, marshals & medics.
  • The background scene of the track is very beautiful.
  • A huge amount of revenue the teams earns comes not from the track but from TV Rights & the revenue it generates, we won’t have 100,000 people in the track but we will have millions watching it on TV/Online.
  • According to data Austria is one of those country which has so far fought the pandemic well, also they are planning to open small amount of shops next month.
  • The track is own by Dietrich Mateshitz, a billionaire & he is the MD of Red Bull energy drink, a key sponsor in both racing series.
  • Both F1 & MotoGp are considering to host 2 races per weekend or two consecutive weekend of racing in the same venue, something Red Bull Ring can operate.
  • If this is the start of the season then we might have a Restart of F1 on 5th July & MotoGP on 16th August.
Red Bull Ring

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