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Fastest Rider to Work for BikeBD

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It is a question I have been asked for quiet sometime. Who is the fastest rider in Team BikeBD. I have a huge amount of respect for the people with whom I toured a lot for video review work for BikeBD but there is one which really caught my eyes & I can even whisper this that he is far far better then me on anyday on anywhere.

Nope it is not the founder of BikeBD, as he is a good biker no doubt but the rest is history! Fahad is someone who I really throw lots of respect for his raw pace & his ability to keep good control of his bike under braking.

Suvro Sen & Fahad Ahmed Antor

Both Saleh & Affan has the ability to keep a good consistent pace on the highway, you give them speed of 100 kmph & they will be doing it all day long.

Affan Hosain Anjum

Rookie rider like Jamil still needs to gain more experience on the road although he really impressed me on the two tours we did but his lack of experience is something keeping him away, I believe he will turn into a very good rider given time.

Rehman Jamil Shuvo

To me the fastest biker ever to work for or at BikeBD is Ashik Mahmud. His riding has an art, something I noticed among very few bikers, also he always hung on the line to find the best exit line to punch the power on the rear wheels. He has been one of the hidden secret of the biking world in our country & am so glad that he is working with us.

Ashik Mahmud

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