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Difference between Airbus and Boeing

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Boeing is an American company established in 1916/7/15 and based Chicago, USA. Airbus is a European company established in 1970/12/18 and based in France. Airbus is registered in the Netherlands; its shares are traded in Germany, France and Spain.

Boeing & Airbus are the two biggest & probably only competitor today in the airline company. Both has a wide range of narrow body & wide body aircraft. While sitting on the airport sometimes we get to see lots of aircraft sitting on the tarmac but can we say by looking at it which plane is what, here are 5 ways you can distinguish between them.

5 ways to distinguish between Boeing and Airbus

1.Cockpit windows : Side Cockpit windows are V shape in Boeing and in Airbus side cockpit windows with cut corners.

In this picture: Left AIRBUS, Right BOEING

2.Nose shape: Sharp and pointed nose for Boeing, Not sharp and round nose in Airbus

In this picture: Upper BOEING, Down Airbus

3.Boeing: Front landing gear doors, full door is open during landing Airbus: Most part of the door is closed during the landing.

4.Tail Exhaust: Boeing has a short tail exhaust with an oblong shape.Airbus has a long tail exhaust with a round end.

5.Tail base: Boeing, the front line of the tail meets the fuselage, there is a curved forward portion of the tail. In airbus the tail meets the fuselage pretty much flush.

Left: Airbus – Right : Boeing

Airbus & Boeing are the two competitors of the airline industry. Among them I rode on Boeing 737 & Airbus A330 & 320. I personally like Airbus & till today A330 is my most favourite plane of them all.

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