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3 Bikes Me & Suvro Sen Adored

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There are many bikes on which me & Suvro Sen don’t agree. Lets say he is a Yamaha fan wherease I am more a Honda fan boy but even though his favourite Sports bike in Bangladesh is CBR while mine is V3. Today I will put the list of 3 bikes which both me & Suvro Sen adored a lot.

Yamaha FZ150i
  1. Yamaha FZ150i – I was in Khulna when we received the bike for review, he called me & said Wasif this is an amazing motorcycle & not for a second I disagree.

    This was the first bike which gave us a taste of what a SPORTS bike was all about. Until then most of the bike we tested were either Chinese or Indian made but this bike was something very different.

    It was actually a Yamaha Vixxion but it was made in Malaysia & the SOUND of the engine was too epic. Although I still think Streetfire is still the best option among the naked sports bike but because it was 2016 and many didn’t knew about it you could overtake a CBR or V2 & you can see the riders of those bikers had their jaw drop!

    It was this bike which made all of #Mad_Max to buy EFI Thai or Indo made bikes.


Honda Wave Alpha

2. Honda Wave Alpha: First of all this is not a bike or scooter, this is a moped. This was the 2nd bike which we tested for BikeBD from Honda & this was a masterpiece.

The engine of this bike is bullet proof, I can find a sense of Honda CDI in this engine, it sounds sporty. Among all the bikes which Honda brought in Bangladesh, apart from CBR this has the best build quality of them all.

The suspensions were good, even with thin tyres & drum brake it could do a good job in the braking for speed around 80 kmph.

The biggest problem with the bike was it was imported in CBU in Bangladesh and it used to cost nearly the same as Honda Dream Neo, so many people didn’t prefer this. But the people who bought will never regret for once.


3. Hero Ignitor: I still think this is one of the most underrated 125cc bike, mostly because that Hero also has Hero Glamour which really grabbed a good market so many don’t want to shift to something new!

I liked the new bike’s styling, mileage was good too for it’s segment but what I liked most about the bike is that the way it does cornering thanks to it’s 90 section rear tyre. It is the only bike in it’s segment which has this fatter rear tyre.


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